BenLogan FAQsWhen is the best time to sell fruit?
Pee Jay’s recommends starting your sale as early as mid-September or by the first week of November. The average selling time is 3-4 weeks. Your price list and selling material will be mailed to you by mid-September.

What is the average profit margin?
The average profit margin is 40% and the average profit per box is between $5.00 – $14.00. All prices are guaranteed* and includes the shipping and the recommended selling cost of each item. If you sell 1,000 boxes, you can raise between $5,000 – $10,000! (*Prices quoted are guaranteed subject to a government restriction or an Act of God, such as severe freeze, hurricane or other natural disaster.)

How should I promote and advertise my fruit sale?
You should try to get the word out in as many ways possible, and Pee Jay’s will provide you with posters that you can hang up around your school and community. We also suggest sending emails to all of the people in your address book, posting to social media sites, making phone calls, uploading details of your sale on your group’s website, etc. Pee Jay’s also will provide you with an e-commerce website so your customers can purchase fruit online to support your sale!

When is the best time for delivery?
The week prior to Thanksgiving or by the second week in December. Fresh fruit makes an excellent gift and a December delivery may increase sales. Your group chooses a Primary and two Alternate Delivery Dates prior to the start of your sale. See our 2012 Delivery Schedule.

When should our order be placed?
Orders must be placed on the Monday two weeks prior to the requested delivery week. Pee Jay’s can accept one add on order the week prior to your delivery date. You can place your order via your Online Order Tracking Spreadsheet (whether you have an eCommerce website or not). You can also phone in your order by calling 800-847-6141 or email it to info@peejays.org.

PJs OrderBroch Fruit 12d7 FAQsWhen will I know my delivery date?
Pee Jay’s will confirm your delivery date one week prior to the scheduled date. Deliveries are scheduled around your preferred delivery date and time.

Should our members collect the money in advance?
It is not mandatory to collect the money in advance, however, we strongly recommend collecting the money at the time the customer places the order.

What are the payment terms?
Payment is due in full 30 days from delivery date. You will receive a 1% discount off the total invoice if you pay your invoice within ten days from delivery date. Non-school groups may be required to pay the invoice prior to delivery date.

What sale materials are available?
As a customer of Pee Jay’s, you have exclusive access to our Customer Only section where you can download our Excel spreadsheet, print additional material and view our most recent newsletters and marketing flyers. Pee Jay’s will also provide your group with: Four-color brochures, three-part receipt forms, collection envelopes, posters, and tally sheet FREE of charge. Plus we reimburse your group 25% for any newspaper advertising.

PennsValley 300x226 FAQsHow is the product shipped?
By Refrigerated Trucking Carriers, not independent operators. Your order is packed on pallets in color coded boxes for easier unloading and distribution. Your group is responsible for unloading of the truck and distributing the fruit to your customers. We recommend having at least 10 members available to help unload. Use handtrucks, carts, rollers or a forklift to unload your order. (Trucks will not have any of these items available to help you unload, so it is your group’s responsibility)

What should I do if we receive any damaged product?
Pee Jay’s will automatically ship 1% extra to cover any damage or spoiled product. In the event the 1% does not cover the damaged product, please contact our office immediately and we will replace any product – free of charge.

74 Fruit Sampler new 300x199 FAQsCan our members or customers order fruit to be shipped to someone as a gift?
Yes, with our Pee Jay’s Direct Gift Shipping service. Your supporters can order from a selection of 4 gift baskets and 5 gift boxes and have that item shipped direct to them or the gift recipient of their choice. This is a great gift idea for the business community and a perfect way for your customers to do their holiday shopping, and support your cause at the same time! Plus with our new streamlined system, your customers can choose when they would like to have their gift fruit order delivered.

Should our members sell door-to-door?
No! Pee Jay’s recommends your members create a contact list before they begin the campaign. Use the email, social networking sites, telephone or the work place to contact potential customers. Think of all the places you frequent as a customer. Some potential customers could be: family, relatives, friends, co-workers, business associates and teachers. Also, visit your local business community, doctor and dentist office.